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Mecalac 6MCR, 8MCR, 10MCR, click this link to view Mecalac spec sheets.


excavator speed.png excavator 360 rotation

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Wheels or Tracks?

Offering both wheeled MWR series and tracked MCR series excavators to suit your job site needs, these machines do the work of multiple machines, digging, grading, loading, and add forks for lifting, flip a switch change a bucket, never leave the cab. Compact in design, these machines were designed to fit in the narrow cobbled streets of Europe, yet work great in the USA, they fit on barges, in tight urban alleys and backyards, or small strips of land.

Check out the extra hinge that allows additional reach and mobility on the digging arm. A quick switch in cab changes functionality from digging to grading. Extremely strong, swap out a bucket for forks and move materials with ease. Load dump trucks from an awkward angle since they have  more range of motion.

Please open this PDF booklet for more detailed information.


The forks and clam shell attachments will make your Mecalac to be to the most useful piece of equipment.